For personnel in possession of valid HSELife certificates, the following is applicable:

  • HSELife certificates remain valid until their expiry date and may be shown as evidence, for example to an oil and gas operator, at Den Helder Airport when you are travelling to an offshore location, or at the gate of an onshore oil and gas location.
  • Also, the registrations of HSELife training in Personal Safety Logbooks are valid until their expiry date. If you do not have your HSELife certificate(s) registered in your PSL yet, you can request one of the oil and gas operators of NOGEPA to make that registration for you.
  • For offshore users: Additionally, registrations in Vantage are evidence of completed HSELife training (until their expiry date).

As soon as one or more of your HSELife certificates expires, the following is applicable:

  • If you are employed by, or contracted by TAQA or ONE-Dyas, you must continue to use the training offer of HSELife.
  • If you are employed or contracted by another oil and gas operator: After expiry of one or more certificates, you can follow the Onshore induction, Offshore induction, Permit-to-work and/or Mercury E-leaning courses on this platform (https://hse.nogepa.nl). Here you should register as a new user. The other E-learning and training material offered by HSELife, will not be continued on the new NOGEPA HSE Platform.